Job commuting, sightseeing & freight transport

With Ressel Rederi you can get to work quickly, experience Stockholm from the sea or get deliveries directly to your dream place in the archipelago.

EMELIE traffic

Hammarby Sjöstad – Masthamnen (Vikingline) – Djurgården and Stockholm City. Work commute and pleasure trip. Fastest way to Djurgården.

Freight transport

We carry out freight transport throughout the Stockholm archipelago. We transport everything from heavy vehicles to groceries.

Kalmarsund traffic

Kalmar – Färjestaden. Bring your bike and take the beautiful ride across the Kalmarsund.
Service period – May to September.

Line maps

Hammarby Sjöstad – Masthamnen (Vikingline) – Djurgården – Nybroplan

Barnängsbryggan – Lumabryggan – Henriksdalsbryggan (Trip free of charge)

Kalmar – Färjestaden
(OBS! Traffic period May-Sept)


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