Kalmarsund traffic

Kalmar – Färjestaden



You buy the tickets on board the ferry, we only accept VISA / MASTERCARD as a means of payment. Reduced price applies to young people aged 13-19 and seniors. Children under 13 years always travel free of charge in the company of an accompanying adult! Bicycles are carried free of charge at your own risk.

Single tickets: 65 SEK adult, 45 SEK youth/senior
Moped: 65 SEK (Subject to availability and at your own risk)
Discount card 10 trips: 425 SEK adult, 290 SEK youth/senior
Discount card 17 journeys: 525 SEK adult

Ticket is purchased on board the ferry, we prefer Visa or Mastercard. The ticket is presented to the deckhand upon disembarkation.

Travel across the sound takes about 30 minutes.

Yes, bicycles are carried free of charge.

For those who cycle, DESSI is the only link between Kalmar and Öland, M/S DESSI has room for 50 bikes and you cycle directly on the Ölandsleden upon arrival in Färjestaden.

Yes, our boarding bridge takes both wheelchairs and permobiles without any problem. In addition, we always have a deck attendant to assist with boarding and disembarking. The thresholds on the main deck are only a few centimetres high and well chamfered, so the main deck is fully accessible.

Yes, you are allowed to bring your dog on the trip!

About Kalmarsund traffic

Kalmarsundstrafiken is an easy and beautiful way to travel between Kalmar and Öland. With a large sundeck you can experience and enjoy the beautiful sea journey to the maximum, which takes less than half an hour.

On both sides of the sound, DESSI is centrally located with only a few minutes to the city centre and all its offerings in the form of restaurants, cafés, museums, bus and train stations and more.

For those who cycle, DESSI is the only link between Kalmar and Öland, the M/S DESSI has room for 50 bikes and you cycle straight on to the Ölandsleden upon arrival in Färjestaden.

During spring and autumn, the timetable is primarily for commuter traffic with a mid-day break on weekdays and service on Saturday and Sunday.
From June to August we have service every day of the week and extended on some evenings to allow you to visit and experience events and happenings on both sides of the strait.

The journey is in the fairway between the mainland and Öland and you arrive on the other side in less than 30 minutes.

Kalmar and Öland

Kalmar and Öland offer an incredible range of events, shopping, excursions, world heritage sites and much more to make your trip here one to remember for a lifetime.

A very popular way to experience Kalmar and Öland is by bicycle, for a natural and beautiful way to take in the characteristic landscape and the opportunity to visit one of the many gems within cycling distance of Kalmar and Färjestaden.

You can rent a bike easily and then just roll along between the many excursion destinations. For tips and information visit Kalmar Tourist Centre or the official Öland visitor guide.

All trafik / All traffic

Trafik enligt tidtabell/Traffic according to time table

Samtliga fartyg trafikerar enligt tidtabell/ All vessels in service according to timetable